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Pearls of Wisdom

Dallas Willard, in his book Renovation of the Heart, tells us that the effective way to just that (renovation of the heart), is Vision, Intention, and Means. What he calls VIM.  Vision is the goal, Intention the desire to reach that goal, and the Means what is necessary to reach that goal. In Dallas' view, the goal is Christlikeness. And that is a noble goal, provided it is subservient to being with Christ.

The "You're Invited" page is for someone new to the faith, for the God-curious, and for those whose doubts are preventing them from taking steps to be in relationship with God. The next pages, What, Why, and How, are designed to line up with Vision, Intention, and Means, so that they can speak to wherever you are. Those pages have a lot of content, so they are organized according to the practices in the Practicing With section.

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