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Recommended Websites

There are fewer of these than books and podcasts. And some I may recommend the entire site (like Renovare) and some perhaps certain pages.

Renovare: Renovare is excellent! The people, the vision, the mission, the teaching materials, the podcasts, the articles, it is all fantastic! The word Renovare means "renewal". They are a Christian ecumenical organization that focuses on spiritual formation. They seek to resource Christian churches and leaders, and are still wonderful for the layperson. I highly, strongly recommend that you become acquainted with this group if you do not know them already.

Practicing the Way: Full disclosure: I have not gone through the practices training on this website yet. But I have glanced through the workbooks and I really hope to do the practices soon (as I write this September 2023). But John Mark Comer is involved in this and I trust him and his treatment of the practices, what we call "practicing with".

Bible Project: Full disclosure: I have not gone through most of the videos on this site. But I have seen all of the books of the Old Testament videos and they are quite good, so I feel comfortable recommending the site. I see things a little more literally than they do in some cases, though, but not enough so that it is a problem to me. There will always be differences in interpretation of the minor things among seriously seeking and questioning Christians, and that is not a bad thing. God named His people of the Old Testament the nation of Israel, and inherent in that name is a certain wresting with God. I think it is good that we wrestle with and try to understand what the Bible has to say. Whoever you are, the work on the Bible Project site is scholarly and you will learn from it.

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